Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai is the national form of martial art of Thailand, which uses bare hands. It is a tradition to arrange Muay Thai matches in various festivals. Nowadays, it is well known worldwide and various clubs have been established to promote and teach Muay Thai in many countries. In Thailand, Muay Thai has received much […]

Muay Thai Techniques

Muay Thai is well known for its adaptive style, and the main reason for this can only be attributed to the number of weapons at a fighter’s disposal. Regardless of range there is always a multitude of attacks, counters and defensive moves to draw from. This section will look at some of the basic principles […]

UK Seminars in Dartford, South London.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the success of our recent Course and Seminars in Dartford South London, at Kru Michael Tykie Nemesis gym on the 18th August, we had a great turn out with over 25 attending the course, and a further 10 more students for the Muay Boran section. The Course was […]

New Taster Class’s at Siam for Summer Holidays

GMK & Siam Camp are proud to bring you some taster sessions for children from 8yrs to 16yrs during the summer holidays. Each Monday @ 1pm for 2 hours Tuesday 10am for 2 hours Wendsday 12am for 1 hour Thursday 11am for 2 hours If interested come along and join in, its a great way […]

The Benefits of Pt or 1-2-1 Sessions.

When thinking about starting up in Muay, you need to think why? some people just want fitness and get into shape, some want the education side and a goal or purpose, other are more adventurous wanting to compete. Private sessions or Pt’s or 1-2-1’s are a great way to introduce yourself and find the pathway […]

Personal Pt Sessions

January Special Deals I have Provided Personal Pt Fitness and Muaythai / Muay Boran Technical Sessions. Personal Pt Sessions for Fitness cost £15 each for Adults or book 5 session for £50 cost £10 each for Under 12yrs book 5 sessions for £35 Personal Fitness + MuayThai     cost £25 each for Adults or […]

Happy Holiday’s 2018

I would like to thank all everyone who is associated to Siam our teachers who helped me while I was away providing eduction to World members. Muay teachers us respect and gratitude to others, I would like to say thank you to me teacher Chinawut Sirisompan ( GM Woody ) for always being there for […]

Happy Christmas 2018

We would like to thank one and all, for all our support here at home, and for all the help given me from around the the World. Its been a very busy year this year, and I would like to say a big thank you to all the people involved in supporting me.. A big […]