Why Wai?

Why Wai? The reader who is unfamiliar with Thai culture may well be thinking, “What is wai?” and “Why wai?” What follows is, therefore, a brief “beginner’s guide” to this gracious custom and its usage in everyday life, as a basic understanding of the wai and its functions in Thai society will enhance the Muay […]

Traditions of Wai Khru

The Traditions of Wai Khru The following heading will present you with an in-depth incite into the unique tradition of Wai Khru (Paying Respect to the Teacher). Three forms of the ceremony – initiation as a Trainee Fighter, Annual Homage-Paying Ceremony and Initiation as a Teacher – are detailed here, while the fourth form – […]

Schools Out For Summer

Siam Camp is OPEN all through the School Holiday, with Extra Free sessions check out the time table below for Thai Boxing-Dodge Ball & Slack lining.   Week comm :  30th July Thai Boxing Every Wednesday 1pm to 3pm & Friday 10am to 12 noon Slack lining Every Wednesday 10am to 12 noon Dodge Ball […]

Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai is the national form of martial art of Thailand, which uses bare hands. It is a tradition to arrange Muay Thai matches in various festivals. Nowadays, it is well known worldwide and various clubs have been established to promote and teach Muay Thai in many countries. In Thailand, Muay Thai has received much […]

Muay Thai Techniques

Muay Thai is well known for its adaptive style, and the main reason for this can only be attributed to the number of weapons at a fighter’s disposal. Regardless of range there is always a multitude of attacks, counters and defensive moves to draw from. This section will look at some of the basic principles […]

Health & Fitness

Taking the first steps or become a super athlete or just want to shed a few pounds, the basics of healthy living is balance. From the types of food you eat to the quantity and frequency, likewise there needs to be a balance of the type of exercise, duration and frequency. Its not a difficult […]

Kids Classes

Muay Thai isn’t just for adults, the kids love it! Why not bring your little ones along, 1. They will make &  meet new friends 2. Start to be creative. 3. Gain in confidence

Private Lessons

Private One 2 One Lessons with Grand Master Kevin by appointment. One 2 ones don’t have to be on an individual basis, if there’s two or three of you interested in getting in shape, these are perfect group sizes and you’ll still bet all the benefits of private instruction. Arrange a Lesson Contact Grand Master […]