Brazil Update

Check out this Agenda, no rest here, Busy-Busy-Busy 15/10 Travel 17/10 Seminar EM FORTALEZA – CEARA 19/10 Seminar EM GASPAR – SANTA CATARINA 21/10 Seminar EM SAO LUDGERO – SANTA CATARINA 23/10 Seminar EM CAMPINAS – SAO PAULO 25/10 Seminar EM Campos – RIO DE JANERIO This is no HOLIDAY ūüôā


            I Would like to Wish my Teacher GM Woody and his family, along with All our friends in Thailand and around the World a Very Special Songkran.

Respect in Thailand

One of the most famous¬†worriers of Thailand is Nai Khanom Tom, on the 17th March each year a¬†celebration takes place recognising him at his statute in the Ancient City of ¬†Ayutthaya. I had the Honour of being one of the only none Thai’s to ride on the back of an Elephant into the this very […]

Successful KMA Meeting

KRU MUAYTHAI ASSOCIATION (K.M.A.), as association registered officially with National Culture Commission,Ministry of¬†Culture, Kingdom of Thailand to promote the heritage of its ancient martial arts popularly known as Muay Boran and Muaythai. The new committee had its 1st meeting on 14th September 2013 @ 10.00 a.m. after the last AGM held in June 2013at Luktupfah […]

Brazil Seminars

Brazilian Federation (CBMT) Stop Press, The Brazilian Federation (CBMT) with Master Artur Mariano are taking GM Kevin back to Brazil, he’s going to Rio – Espirite Santo – Rio Grande do Sul – Valinhes / SP, his last visit , the minars had over 125 attending students as seen in Poster. Watch this space for […]

Muay Thai Rope Binding

Traditional Muay Thai Rope Binding The rope binding or fist binding is a unique character in Muay Thai varying in pattern and style of each region. Korat Boxing: The swing of each punch and kick is wide in angle, commonly known as “Wieng Kwai” or Buffalo swing. The raw thread is used to wind up […]

Pre-Competition Rituals

Pre-Competition Rituals Before any Muay Thai contest can commence, a series of traditional rituals have to be undertaken: Approaching the Ring Rites (Kuen Suu Weitee) Ritual Dance of Homage (Wai Khru Ram Muay) Removal of the Head Circlet (Pitee Tod Mongkon) These are all described in this chapter, along with “do-it-yourself” instructions and photographs, and […]

Muay Thai Music

Musical Accompaniment to Muay Thai In Muay Thai, rhythmic music accompanies the Wai Khru Ram Muay rituals as well as the actual contests themselves. This music is referred to as wong pee glong and is performed by four musicians, each with their own instrument: pee chawaa (Javanese oboe), glong kaek (a pair of Thai drums […]

Women And The Muay Thai Ring

Women & The Muay Thai Ring Traditionally, women were banned from entering the Muay Thai ring. This originates from the belief that the presence of a woman in the ring would be tantamount to a curse, destroying the fighters’ skills and making them vulnerable to injuries, It was also believed that a feminine presence would […]