GOLD All The Way for SIAM

Its give me great pleasure to inform everyone about the perforamnce by our girls, they did us all proud. Amelia started the ball rolling with a fantastic display of courage and determination against a very agresive Uzbekistan fighter, she was hit on the chin within the first few seconds of the fight, this was a […]

On Tour Promoting March 2016

I have been touring the World recently over the last 3 months promoting Muay Boran along with seminars on Rules & Regulation of Muay Boran with WMBF and Referee & Judging with WMO. The official banner has been advertised at each destination, Greece – Thailand – Brazil – India – England – Germany – Spain…

World Tour 2015

I have started my Would TOUR, with GREECE, this would not have been possible without my team behind me, my wife family and friends, I would like to thank then all including my Instructors for helping me make the tour around the World possible. SIAM CAMP is a special place, its not only a club […]

WMO – Milan

Siam are leading the way forward when it comes officiating abroad, the last event was in Milan, where we were witness to two fantastic fights, where Saiyok won his World Title fight, with our very own Martin Holt  

Wmac Press Conference and MOU Signing

It was my pleasure to attend this spectacular event and Press Conference, for the signing of the MOU between World Martial Arts Council (Wmac) and the Thai Partners, the Kru Muay Master Association (KMA) – Tv & Press association along with other departments of Thai Govement like the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Sport […]

World Mac Games 2015

  2015 Is the year the World Mac come of age, we are holding this spectacular event in Bangkok, 12th to 22nd March 2015 the games are covering 15 Different Martial Aerts, with Muay Boran / Thai – Tae Kwon Do (ITF) Kung Fu (Wushu) KickBoxing (WKA) K1, Pancet Silat – Jeep Kune Do – […]

EMF & WMAC Quest for Champions

News Flash change of Date this event will be on the 6th December. The England Muaythai Federation in association with World Martial Arts Council, will be holding a spectacular event, with four (4) Martial Arts show casing there top people, the federations taking part are all trying to host Championship, including selection for the World […]

Respect in Thailand

One of the most famous worriers of Thailand is Nai Khanom Tom, on the 17th March each year a celebration takes place recognising him at his statute in the Ancient City of  Ayutthaya. I had the Honour of being one of the only none Thai’s to ride on the back of an Elephant into the this very […]

Siam Fighter News Paper/Magazine

Presidents Cup Bali Indonesia October 2013, Bradley showing off his Proud Gold Medal, along with well earned Silver’s from Will and Beth, this actable was from Villages News Letter, all three of them were in the local news paper as well…