2016 Rewards

I would like to thank all my team for all the work we put in during 2016, we went to the 1st International Martial Arts Games & Festival for the World Muay Boran Championships in March with a very young and relevantly in expereenced team, within the England team we had 4 Girls, and came […]

Siam Interclub 2017

It gives me great pleasure in bringing you another great start to 2017 with our first Inter of the year. Please start sending all details after Christmas, with Name-Age-M/F-Exp to siamkev@hotmail.com or by whats app / messenger.

Siam Camp Gym Show October 29th

It Gives me great pleasure to bring a Gym show, covering all levels and helping the Novices come through the system. We will be holding an No result Mixed Interclub in the Morning from 11am start finishing around 1:30 / 2pm, then part two starts around 3pm with 12 to 15 bouts with all levels […]

Siam 1st Gym Show

I have been thinking about putting a split Gym show on for some time, and know its not the first time this has been done, but it dose keep the cost down for everyone attending a family day out and enjoying a full day of fights with most taking part, I don’t see why we […]

Siam Camp Mixed Interclub

Siam are Proud to bring another Mixed Interclub to help all students achieve a better understanding of what ring craft is, using the basic of Muay Thai and using whats been taught them in the gyms, and whats needed in the Boxing Ring to help progress and make it to the highest level.    

GMK – UK Seminar Events coming up

Here are some events coming up here in England soon. Here is the First in Canterbury on the 19th June with Kru Yai Panny The second is at Sanctum Gym in Knowsley on the 23rd with Liam and his team. The 3rd is in Enfield London with Kru Yai Dushantha and his students and everyone […]

GOLD All The Way for SIAM

Its give me great pleasure to inform everyone about the perforamnce by our girls, they did us all proud. Amelia started the ball rolling with a fantastic display of courage and determination against a very agresive Uzbekistan fighter, she was hit on the chin within the first few seconds of the fight, this was a […]

2016 Hotting up

I am glad to announce seminars will start in Luton on the 16th January 2016, check out the poster This followed by my first trip abroad to Germany on the 23rd January 2016..

On Tour Promoting March 2016

I have been touring the World recently over the last 3 months promoting Muay Boran along with seminars on Rules & Regulation of Muay Boran with WMBF and Referee & Judging with WMO. The official banner has been advertised at each destination, Greece – Thailand – Brazil – India – England – Germany – Spain…