Thailand 2018

We are please to announce the forthcoming Games and Festival, its the 3rd International Thai Martial Arts Games & Festival. We are proud to bring not only Muay Boran at all Levels, but Muay Thai at Pro-Am and Professional as well. We are also bringing the following, KI (Amateur ) & Kickboxing with WKA, JuJitsu […]

2nd International Thai Martial Arts Games & Festival 2017

It give me great pleasure in reporting on the games, which were held on the 12th to 21st March 2017 in Bangkok outside the Ninibut Indoor National stadium. The event was attended by 54 Countries from around the World making this year one of the biggest since we started, a great numbers of delegates families […]

GMK – UK Seminar Events coming up

Here are some events coming up here in England soon. Here is the First in Canterbury on the 19th June with Kru Yai Panny The second is at Sanctum Gym in Knowsley on the 23rd with Liam and his team. The 3rd is in Enfield London with Kru Yai Dushantha and his students and everyone […]

2016 Hotting up

I am glad to announce seminars will start in Luton on the 16th January 2016, check out the poster This followed by my first trip abroad to Germany on the 23rd January 2016..

On Tour Promoting March 2016

I have been touring the World recently over the last 3 months promoting Muay Boran along with seminars on Rules & Regulation of Muay Boran with WMBF and Referee & Judging with WMO. The official banner has been advertised at each destination, Greece – Thailand – Brazil – India – England – Germany – Spain…

World Tour 2015

I have started my Would TOUR, with GREECE, this would not have been possible without my team behind me, my wife family and friends, I would like to thank then all including my Instructors for helping me make the tour around the World possible. SIAM CAMP is a special place, its not only a club […]

UK Enfield 2nd Seminar, London.

Proud to be assisting our Teachers here in the UK, my second seminar will be with Kru Yai Dushantha in Enfield London at the Fitness Plus Martial Arts UK, on the 21st of November, all contact and address info is on the poster

UK Canterbury 1st Seminars

It gives me great pleasure in doing some seminars here in England, I am busy traveling around the world passing on what I know and understand about our ART, some times even my own students don’t realise the fast knowledge I own. My first seminar will be with Kru Yai Panny and Champions UK in […]

Brazil Update

Check out this Agenda, no rest here, Busy-Busy-Busy 15/10 Travel 17/10 Seminar EM FORTALEZA – CEARA 19/10 Seminar EM GASPAR – SANTA CATARINA 21/10 Seminar EM SAO LUDGERO – SANTA CATARINA 23/10 Seminar EM CAMPINAS – SAO PAULO 25/10 Seminar EM Campos – RIO DE JANERIO This is no HOLIDAY 🙂