1-2-1s With a GRAND MASTER

Why not book a 1-2-1 they are very special, having a one to one session gets the best out of you, it makes you feel fantastic, and when learning on this basis, help you progress. Some of the ways it can help you :- Happy with your life, Feeling fitter and in good Shape, If […]

Just look at what this little Urchin turned into, from the streets of Singapore to England UK. Hosting one of the most established Muay Thai / Muay Boran Camps in England, we have been established since 1984, and turning into a Centre of Excellence 7 years ago. The Camp has producing Champions at all Levels […]

GOLD All The Way for SIAM

Its give me great pleasure to inform everyone about the perforamnce by our girls, they did us all proud. Amelia started the ball rolling with a fantastic display of courage and determination against a very agresive Uzbekistan fighter, she was hit on the chin within the first few seconds of the fight, this was a […]

KENT Seminar 2015

It was a great honour for me to help Kru Yai Panny for Champions UK, based in Canterbury Kent,the seminar was with WMBF & KMA and about Muay Boran basic for Khan Grades and Fight Tactics, I would like to thank Neil Aitchison for producing a great Video clip, I have attached for you to […]

On Tour Promoting March 2016

I have been touring the World recently over the last 3 months promoting Muay Boran along with seminars on Rules & Regulation of Muay Boran with WMBF and Referee & Judging with WMO. The official banner has been advertised at each destination, Greece – Thailand – Brazil – India – England – Germany – Spain…

Greece 2015

Greece was a huge success with seminars in Muay Boran. Some Video were put together from my visit, and will be on here soon..

World Tour 2015

To the hundreds of followers around the World who are interested and are following me, after returning from Brazil, I have started my next leg of the trip and now in India at a place called Mysore, I landed at Bangalore airport and we drove for 3/4 hours to reach here early Sunday morning. The […]

World Tour 2015

I have started my Would TOUR, with GREECE, this would not have been possible without my team behind me, my wife family and friends, I would like to thank then all including my Instructors for helping me make the tour around the World possible. SIAM CAMP is a special place, its not only a club […]


Memories of my early days, it all ways amazes me seeing old photos from my early days around early 1980’s.

Fun @ SIAM

The fun is still happening with the Siam Family, fund raising to help our students in future events and projects. Anyone reading this who could support or sponsor, please contact me.