Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai is the national form of martial art of Thailand, which uses bare hands. It is a tradition to arrange Muay Thai matches in various festivals. Nowadays, it is well known worldwide and various clubs have been established to promote and teach Muay Thai in many countries. In Thailand, Muay Thai has received much […]

Siam Camp Interclub – 21 July 2013

Interclub Event 21 July 2013 We’ll be hosting the next Interclub Event at the Siam Camp on 21st July 2013. Its just under a month away so there’s ample time to organise who wants to participate. Interested? Use the ‘contact us’ form (to the left) or email me directly on or text to 07850544148. […]

Muay Thai Rope Binding

Traditional Muay Thai Rope Binding The rope binding or fist binding is a unique character in Muay Thai varying in pattern and style of each region. Korat Boxing: The swing of each punch and kick is wide in angle, commonly known as “Wieng Kwai” or Buffalo swing. The raw thread is used to wind up […]

Pre-Competition Rituals

Pre-Competition Rituals Before any Muay Thai contest can commence, a series of traditional rituals have to be undertaken: Approaching the Ring Rites (Kuen Suu Weitee) Ritual Dance of Homage (Wai Khru Ram Muay) Removal of the Head Circlet (Pitee Tod Mongkon) These are all described in this chapter, along with “do-it-yourself” instructions and photographs, and […]

Muay Thai Music

Musical Accompaniment to Muay Thai In Muay Thai, rhythmic music accompanies the Wai Khru Ram Muay rituals as well as the actual contests themselves. This music is referred to as wong pee glong and is performed by four musicians, each with their own instrument: pee chawaa (Javanese oboe), glong kaek (a pair of Thai drums […]

Women And The Muay Thai Ring

Women & The Muay Thai Ring Traditionally, women were banned from entering the Muay Thai ring. This originates from the belief that the presence of a woman in the ring would be tantamount to a curse, destroying the fighters’ skills and making them vulnerable to injuries, It was also believed that a feminine presence would […]

The Muay Thai Ring

The Muay Thai Ring The Muay Thai ring is the same size as that used for Western boxing –– 24 square feet, the floor of the ring consisting of judo matting covered with canvas. Traditionally, the four sides of the ring are aligned with the four cardinal points of the compass, the red corner being […]

Teacher Initiation

Teacher Initiation (Krob Khru) In the Krob Khru ceremony, Muay Thai students who have all the necessary qualifications are elevated to the rank of teachers themselves. The teacher has first to consider which students are sufficiently knowledgeable and technically skilful to be worthy of promotion to the ranks of instructor. After the selection has been made, […]

Teachers Day

Annual Homage-Paying Ceremony (Wai Khru Prajam Pee) This ceremony is held annually throughout Thailand in schools, universities or wherever else learning, of whatever sort, takes place. Where Muay Thai is concerned, it is held either on Muay Thai Day (1 7th March) or any other traditionally propitious day, and requires the trainee fighters to show […]

Trainee Fighter Initiation

Trainee Fighter Initiation (Kuen Khur,Yok Khur) In the past, before a teacher accepted a new student, he first spent a great deal of time considering the proposition, trying to ascertain whether or not the person was really worthy of becoming his student. Some young fighters even initially had to act as servants to their prospective […]