New Booking System

Due to our concern about Covid-19, we have taken the step to help our students- members and families, by installing an appointment system on the front page in dropdowns, its easy to use.

Gym Opening Rules

Phase one (1)  Adhering to Government Recommendations we will return once allowed, and we will operate an appointment system to regulate numbers per class as per social distancing rules and regulations. NO OPENING DATE HAS BEEN GIVEN YET I have set up a system on our Siam website for students to make sure social distancing is […]

Returning to Train?

When we are given the go-ahead to return, I am starting with Cardio & Boot camp-style workouts with a flavour of your own big bag & tyre blasts, I am doing sessions online as well, contact me directly for info on this. I am also doing Muay Boran technics for the Khan grading system or […]

After Covid-19

What to do when you’re starting back at the gym, its more important to exercise more than ever, after the lockdown, but let’s take it easy and by doing a little but often is always the best way. That’s why I will be looking at setting up smaller sessions so we can still socially isolate […]


I would like to send our Toal Thanks and RESPECT to ALL the NHS Staff, ALL Key Workers and Volunteers, for all the hard work. The work being done by all the above is amazing, and all these people who are giving so much of there times selfishly. We at Siam have so many people […]