Just look at what this little Urchin turned into, from the streets of Singapore to England UK. Hosting one of the most established Muay Thai / Muay Boran Camps in England, we have been established since 1984, and turning into a Centre of Excellence 7 years ago. The Camp has producing Champions at all Levels […]

All Our Yesterdays

Here is a Blast from the Past, I was so lucky to train in Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai with my teachers some 40+ years ago , all them years ago, and still with him to this day, as you can see I was not the biggest Door Man, and we defiantly earned our […]


Memories of my early days, it all ways amazes me seeing old photos from my early days around early 1980’s.


Respect is everything Passing on knowledge to  a student is the best feeling in the World, you earn respect it cannot be bought or be expected to be given, if you give it, it will return in abundance, I still respect my Teacher like no other, he’s my friend and inspuration and always will be […]

Brazil Seminars

Brazilian Federation (CBMT) Stop Press, The Brazilian Federation (CBMT) with Master Artur Mariano are taking GM Kevin back to Brazil, he’s going to Rio – Espirite Santo – Rio Grande do Sul – Valinhes / SP, his last visit , the minars had over 125 attending students as seen in Poster. Watch this space for […]

The 2012 Olympic Torch

The 2012 Olympic Torch Andrew Lofthouse Our Very Own Torch Runner, along with students from Siam Camp with the Olympic Torch, so proud.