June 7th-1



Here are the details of our next event, and dependant on I who is put forward.

So we would like to inform everyone, we are holding our Interclub event by popular demand on the Sunday 7th JUNE 2015, It will give many fighters the chance to improve at the same time compete for titles at 3 different levels.

(1) First Level

Am-1 = Novice level, ( This is a knockout event ( 3 x 1 with 1 min rest ) with winners going to next round and the overall winner being the AM-1 Champ

(2) Second Level

England Muaythai Federation (E.M.F.) in Association with World Muay Boran Federation W.M.B.F.  Area Titles ( 3 x 2 with 1 min rest )

(3) Third Level

World Muaythai Organisation (W.M.O.) Pro-Am National  ( 3 x 3 1 1/2 min rest)

Anyone interested please contact me direct, if we do not have the correct matches, we will have a normal interclub.