We are please to announce the forthcoming Games and Festival, its the 3rd International Thai Martial Arts Games & Festival.

We are proud to bring not only Muay Boran at all Levels, but Muay Thai at Pro-Am and Professional as well.

We are also bringing the following, KI (Amateur ) & Kickboxing with WKA, JuJitsu by the famous Carlton Gracie, Karate with Bushi Ban, Jeep Kune Do, Dab Thai ( Swords) 1st Military Games, UBF Boxing for Under 19 yrs and over 19yrs.

14th Wai Kru Ceremony in the World Famous Heritage Site in the Ancient Capital of Ayutthaya.

Other Special Events are the Famous Seminar by the Grand Master Of Thailand, Angel Warriors, Aerobic Muay Thai….

For all information about the event or enter your teams, contact GM Kevin on WhatsApp 07850544148 or his email siamkev@hotmail.com.


Inter Thai Games 2018-2