When thinking about starting up in Muay, you need to think why? some people just want fitness and get into shape, some want the education side and a goal or purpose, other are more adventurous wanting to compete.

Private sessions or Pt’s or 1-2-1’s are a great way to introduce yourself and find the pathway within the Art, Muay Thai or Thai Boxing as its known, can be very demanding, using the Private route allows you to choose.

Dependant on the level of Teacher, and whether he/she can give you what you want or looking for?,

For example at Siam Camp we have one of the most recognised teachers in the World, he’s a Grand Master and one of only 3 outside Thailand, who can provide you with everything, by encouraging you and increasing your stamina and fitness level, self confidence and self-esteem, also providing a pathway on the education side with Khan Grades, this allows you to look at becoming a teacher one day if that’s what you want, you can look at a coaching roll or become a fighter.

The hardest thing when considering doing anything is “WALKING THROUGH THE DOOR” this is the challenge, so make that move contact us on here or direct on Mob:- 07850 544148.