It’s been a hard few months wait but the day has finally arrived – we’re open again!

The gym has been scrubbed from top to bottom and all of the government advise for Covid-19 has been followed. Students are asked to familiarise themselves and respect the new rules to keep everyone safe.

A little reminder:

The following safety rules will apply:

  • On arrival please wait outside until invited in.
  • Always follow social distancing rules.
  • On entering the gym your hands must be sanitised using the station at the front door.
  • A temperature check will be carried out on all people entering the gym. Anyone with a temperature of 38° or above will be asked to leave immediately.
  • A ‘single user’ rule for all equipment will be in operation i.e. focus pads, gloves, etc may only be used by the one person in any class – all equipment will be appropriately cleaned after usage.
  • One adult will be required to spectate per family for the junior session. This adult will be required to remain at their allocated table during the session.
  • Spectators will not be allowed for the adult sessions.
  • Once the session is over please leave the gym via the marked exit.
  • Entry and exit points will be clearly marked, all visitors must use the appropriate doors.
  • When conducting back to back classes, once classes are finished there will be no entry from those attending the next class until all those in the previous class has left and areas have been sanitised.
  • All visitors are encouraged to use the safety supplies available in the gym, such as hand sanitisers, paper towels, and soap.
  • Students are asked to come ready prepared in their kit and to bring their own towels for training. We would ask that you keep the items brought into the gym to a minimum.
  • There will be no changing room facilities available unless prior arranged. Toilets will remain open however there will be a strict 1 student at a time rule.
  • Instructors will ensure that cleaning and sanitizing will occur before and after class and, where required during class – attention to be paid to bathrooms and entry doors.
  • Instructors will ensure that any chairs in the training area are spaced a minimum of 2 metres apart.
  • When so permitted, by Government regulation, partner training can occur. Under this Policy, a training partner must remain as the same person for the duration of the class (i.e. no changing training partners).