I have started my Would TOUR, with GREECE, this would not have been possible without my team behind me, my wife family and friends, I would like to thank then all including my Instructors for helping me make the tour around the World possible.

SIAM CAMP is a special place, its not only a club its a place to make friends, we have been established since 1984, I have been with my Teacher GM Woody since 1973/4 and I am so proud to say that, and some of my students have been with us for many many years so something is right.


During my Tour of all the countries being visited we are promoting the 1st International Thai Martial Arts Games & Festival


This Special Country has so much, I had the chance to do some sight seeing and would like to thank Assistant Master Marinos Katis and his wife Katarina, as you can see from about the place where the Olympics were born.

Here are some more other photos to look at enjoy.




Muay Boran Seminar was a huge sucess under the WMBF & KMA



We did a Seminar under W.M.O. for Referee & Judges under Pro-am and Professional Rules, and the team did a tournament to make sure all understood.


Brazil is next on the list.