Pre-Competition Rituals

Pre-Competition Rituals Before any Muay Thai contest can commence, a series of traditional rituals have to be undertaken: Approaching the Ring Rites (Kuen Suu Weitee) Ritual Dance of Homage (Wai Khru Ram Muay) Removal of the Head Circlet (Pitee Tod Mongkon) These are all described in this chapter, along with “do-it-yourself” instructions and photographs, and […]

Muay Thai Music

Musical Accompaniment to Muay Thai In Muay Thai, rhythmic music accompanies the Wai Khru Ram Muay rituals as well as the actual contests themselves. This music is referred to as wong pee glong and is performed by four musicians, each with their own instrument: pee chawaa (Javanese oboe), glong kaek (a pair of Thai drums […]

Traditions of Wai Khru

The Traditions of Wai Khru The following heading will present you with an in-depth incite into the unique tradition of Wai Khru (Paying Respect to the Teacher). Three forms of the ceremony – initiation as a Trainee Fighter, Annual Homage-Paying Ceremony and Initiation as a Teacher – are detailed here, while the fourth form – […]