Teachers Day

Annual Homage-Paying Ceremony (Wai Khru Prajam Pee)

This ceremony is held annually throughout Thailand in schools, universities or wherever else learning, of whatever sort, takes place. Where Muay Thai is concerned, it is held either on Muay Thai Day (1 7th March) or any other traditionally propitious day, and requires the trainee fighters to show their respect for and gratitude to their teachers.

Teachers and students alike gather together to arrange the Annual Homage-Paying Ceremony, inviting as many past teachers as possible to attend. The ceremony involves many traditional Thai emblems of honour and respect and commences with all those assembled paying respect to the souls of teachers who have passed away. The ceremony then progresses to the students honouring all the teachers present, who mark sacred symbols on the fighters’ foreheads with powder in order to bestow prosperity and success upon them – a custom know as jerm. The ceremony involves the performance of the Ritual Dance of Homage by the fighters as a mark of respect to their teachers, while both teachers and students make sacred vows.